Fishing When Rivers Drop and Waters Clear

June 8, 2018

You’re ready to cast your line—but how can you increase your chances of success? When is the best time to hit the river for fishing? What fly fishing gear in Fraser, CO should you use?

While every fisherman has his own tales of when and where he caught his biggest fish, a few tried and true methods hold up. After all, it takes more than the right fly fishing gear in Fraser, CO to make a great haul. Use these tips from your fishing shop in Fraser, CO to increase the chances of activity on your pole.

Shallow Waters

Keep in mind that steelhead typically prefer waters shallower than 10 feet. Look for depths between five and eight feet, moving at about five miles an hour. This is about the rate of a fast walking pace. For waters that are higher, you’ll likely find fish in spots where the current slows a bit. Try locations near the shore, in wide drifts or along the edges of the current.

Early and Late

Steelhead migrate the most during morning and evening hours. They also tend to be more active during full moons with no cloud cover. If you want the best success from your fishing venture, try to schedule it during these times. Your early rising or twilight trips are likely to be rewarded with more catches.

High and Low

For the best time to fish, wait for clear waters after a rain. Once the river is dropping from a recent storm, you’ll experience better fishing waters. Steelhead are drawn to the smell of fresh water, and, as the levels drop, the traveling fish pause in the holes. You can expect to find good fishing times up to a week after a storm.

Top Techniques

Which technique will be most effective for your next fishing venture? That depends on water conditions. For low water, try floating a steelhead jig, using a cast-and-retrieve weighted spinner or using a drifter. For high water, ty a large drift bobber or large slinky style sinker. Whatever you decide to use, always shop for top-quality fly fishing gear in Fraser, CO from a trusted fishing shop.


As any experienced fisherman can tell you, persistence is key. While keeping these tips in mind, don’t pass up an opportunity just because it doesn’t fit typical good fishing conditions. It’s worth casting in any location that appears good. If you don’t have any luck, move on. Keep at it until you find the best combination of locations, conditions and fly fishing gear in Fraser, CO. Once you discover the ideal method, you can continue to experience fruitful fishing for years to come.

Gear Up

When you’re ready to head down to the river, make a trip to your local fishing shop in Fraser, CO. At Winter Park Flyfisher, we offer the highest quality equipment at fair prices. Our experienced staff can answer any questions you have and help you choose the best fly fishing gear in Fraser, CO. Stop in today or reach out to us by phone to meet all your fly fishing needs.

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