Our Team

Winter Park Flyfisher employs an all-star team of local fishing aficionados. Our team of area residents shares a passion for the interesting and dynamic sport of fly fishing on our engaging fishing charters in Fraser, CO. It’s been said that most of our guides even eat and breath fly fishing!

Our Local Guides

We’re proud to employ regional fishing experts. Here are just some of the members of our dynamic team:

  • jeffJeff Ehlert
    The owner of Winter Park Flyfisher, Jeff Ehlert is an experienced and accomplished sportsman. A Montana native, Jeff boasts an extensive knowledge of alpine fishing, particularly in the Rocky Mountains. Jeff enjoys fishing because it allows him to connect with friends and nature, and disconnect from daily distractions.
  • ZachZach Ware
    Zach Ware hails from the scenic, sunny waters of Florida, where he’s been fishing since the age of 12. Zach enjoys fishing because it allows him to consistently engage with local wildlife and experience nature in new and exciting ways. Zach enjoys the challenge of fishing, and loves to share his passion with others.
  • daveDave Parri
    Dave Parri grew up in the forests of Pennsylvania. An accomplished outdoorsman, Dave carried a rifle or a fishing pole throughout much of his life. Dave is familiar with the streams, woods and mountains that define Colorado, and offers an exciting chance to engage with the Rocky Mountain State.
  • brettBrett Macalady
    First embracing fishing as a sport in high school, Brett Macalady is well-versed in traipsing through the forested alpine environments of the High Rockies. Brett enjoys the placid, calming nature of fishing as an experience.
  • erivEric Pietz
    Eric Pietz is an accomplished guide and knowledgeable outdoorsman. He has worked for nearly every outfitter in the Rocky Mountains providing first-rate fishing boat charters in Fraser, CO for guests and locals alike.
  • ronRon Yoshimura
    A Colorado native, Ron Yoshimura enjoys the active nature of fishing. Ron grew up fishing many of the rivers he now guides trips and expeditions on, including the Fraser River and the Grey Reef Section of the North Platte River.
Note: More guides’ photos & bios coming soon!

Schedule a Guided Fishing Expedition

If you would like one of our knowledgeable local guides to join you on your next fishing trip, reach out to Winter Park Flyfisher today at 970-726-5231. We are proud to offer a wide range of fishing experiences suited for sports enthusiasts of all levels of expertise.