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Winter Park Flyfisher employs an all-star team of local fishing aficionados. Our team of area residents shares a passion for the interesting and dynamic sport of fly fishing on our engaging fishing tours in Fraser, CO. It’s been said that most of our guides even eat and breath fly fishing!

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Our Local Guides

We’re proud to employ regional fishing experts. Here are just some of the members of our dynamic team:

Jeff Ehlert
Owner of Winter Park Flyfisher & Co-owner of Grand County Fishing Company
Jeff is an experienced and accomplished sportsman. A Montana native and having lived in Colorado since 1989, Jeff boasts an extensive knowledge of alpine fishing, particularly in the Rocky Mountains. Jeff owned and operated a seasonal fly shop up until November of 2015, when he found this perfect new location and decided to give up ski patrolling in the winters to stay open year-round. Jeff enjoys fishing because it allows him to connect with friends and nature, and disconnect from daily distractions. Admittedly, running the businesses don’t give him as much time with a rod in his hands as he’d like, but the next best thing is hearing his clients holler “fish on!” Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jeff.ehlert/
Dave Parri
Co-owner of Grand County Fishing Company
Dave grew up in the forests of Pennsylvania. An accomplished outdoorsman, Dave carried a rifle or a fishing pole throughout much of his life. Dave is familiar with the streams, woods, and mountains that define Colorado, and offers an exciting chance to engage with the Rocky Mountains.
Zach Ware
Zach hails from the scenic, sunny waters of Florida, where he’s been fishing since the age of 12. Zach enjoys fishing because it allows him to consistently engage with local wildlife and experience nature in new and exciting ways. Zach enjoys the challenge of fishing, and loves to share his passion with others.
Riley Strickland
Fishing has been one of Riley’s passions since he was a little kid. To him, it is his escape from everyday life. He enjoys the adrenaline rush and beauty of hunting wild fish in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. He claims “getting clients on fish and watching their joy is just as if not more exciting than catching trout himself.”
Instagram: ketchumreleaseum
Ross Kaslow
Ross grew up in Broomfield, Colorado and picked up a fly rod when he was in middle school and chased anything that swam. He has been coming to Grand County for the last 20 years taking in all of the experiences the area has to offer.When he isn’t guiding he is a teacher at the middle school in Granby, where he helps run the fly fishing club, shaping the next generation of anglers and conservationists.
Instagram: gossreoffrey
Josh Frank
Josh is a 10 year fly fishing guide who moved to Grand County in 1998. Josh is a four-season guide, adjusting to what is necessary to enable the best chance to get clients on fish. He carries his wade guiding knowledge and expertise confidently in Grand County, specifically on the Colorado and Fraser River, Ranch Creek and other newly acquired waters in the vicinity. With over 700 guided trips to date, he caters to his clients’ needs. Averaging 125 guided trips per season plus he spends around 50-75 days a year fishing on his own time. Whether it’s winter nymphing to tossing summer dries, streamers in the fall and Euro-Nymphing in pocket waters. Josh has worked with clients ages 8-80 years old and enjoys sharing his love for fly fishing to give the best possible experience in the Fraser Valley waters. Keep up with Josh on his Instagram!
Instagram: jdfrank79.jf
Nelson Oxley
Nelson Oxley
Nelson grew up in Denver, where his family moved to Grand County full time during his middle school years for his ski racing. Nelson has been fly fishing in Grand County since he was 4 years old. He learned to fish from his parents and grandparents where he fell in love with the sport near Hot Sulphur Springs on the Colorado River. He loves taking friends out and teaching people the beauty of fly fishing. When Nelson isn’t working at the shop or guiding, he is either skiing or fly fishing on his own.
Instagram: nelson_oxley
Travis Wagner
Travis Wagner
A Colorado native with a passion for fly fishing.  Travis was introduced to a fly rod at a young age by family in Montana during a full moon caddis hatch on the little Blackfoot! Spent years fishing the Gunnison Valley and is always looking for the next adventure on the water.
Instagram: twaggs79
Andy Straus
Andy started guiding when he fell in love with fly fishing soon after moving to Colorado 20 years ago. He loves the journey of exploration and the connection to nature he receives while hunting down the next trophy. Andy also has established a successful career in music with his band Hunker Down. He often sings and writes songs about fishing and living life in Colorado.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andy.straus.58
Jordan Ehlert
Growing up with a dad as a seasoned guide and fly shop owner, you learn a thing or two about fly fishing. Although Jordan fished on family camping/fishing trips, it was in high school that he fell hard for the sport. After working at the fly shop most days, you’ll often see him hitting the banks of the Fraser River behind the shop, getting a few casts in before dark.
Instagram: jordan_ehlert
Jesse Ham
Jesse has been fishing in Grand County since before he can remember. Most of his childhood was spent with a spinner rod, but when his dad bought him a fly rod in his teenage years, he was hooked! In the winter, he is a certified ski instructor and big mountain coach for the Winter Park Competition Center. In the summer, he also teaches water sports for a boat dealer. He loves teaching people of all ages. He loves the Rocky Mountains and is so stoked to share the joy that flyfishing in our beautiful county brings!Instagram: jhamshred
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jesse.j.ham
Leif Eggert
Leif Eggert
Leif is a Washington native and has been captivated by fish since a young age. Growing up on the water, fishing has always been the mainstay in his life. While going to high school and college in Michigan, he got an opportunity to chase a wide variety of species with a fly rod.  Enjoying the unique challenges each species, shaped him into a creative fly tier. In 2013, Leif moved to Grand County, quickly falling in love with all the waters the area has to offer.  To him, fishing is about sharing knowledge and experiences on the water to make lasting memories.
Instagram: dingo_the_trout_sniffer/
Birk Irving
When he’s not competing or training as a professional skier, Birk gets out on the local waters every chance he can get. Born and raised here in Winter Park, he got into fly fishing when he was about 14 and has loved it ever since.
Instagram: @birkirving (Here you can check out photos/videos of Birk’s amazing skiing abilities.)
Katie Donner
Katie grew up in Texas and after graduating from UNC in 2013, she ended up settling in Fraser where she developed a passion for water and rafting. She began fishing at the age of 3 and spent most of her summers growing up fishing the lakes of Wisconsin with family before finally picking up a fly rod in 2016. Since then she has been smitten with the art of fly fishing and spends most of her free time exploring the waters of Grand County searching for trout with her pup!
Instagram: @malamute_and_the_guide
Alex Holinka
Alex grew up in Parshall, Colorado fishing the Williams Fork River. He started fly fishing when he turned 8 and got a fly rod for Christmas. He learned to fish from the local legend Jerry Craig. Jerry’s idea that there is always something to learn is an idea Alex brings to guiding. Alex loves introducing people to the sport and teaching them the art of fly fishing.
Instagram: @alex_holinka_
Ben Kuhnel
Ben was born and raised in Granby, Colorado where he developed a passion for fly fishing on the Colorado River after he was introduced to the sport in high school. He fell in love with the adventures and experiences that fly fishing brought him. He loves watching people catch fish and seeing the joy that it brings them.
Instagram: @ben_kuhnel
Taylor Ehlert
Growing up with a guide as her dad, Taylor spent a lot of her childhood on the Colorado River. She inherited a love for the river and fly fishing. She loves fishing new species in new waters but the Colorado will always be her home waters. Taylor enjoys spending her free days on the river with friends where she can share her passion with others.
Instagram: @taylor_ehlert4
Wallace Hynds
Wallace comes from the green mountains of Vermont, and made the move to Grand County the winter of 2023 after countless fishing and skiing trips out here in years past. Wallace enjoys fishing because it gives more purpose to his outdoor adventures, and he swears by the positive mental health effects of spending time in a river.  Wallace spends most of his time targeting brook trout in smaller streams, but you’ll see him out on the Colorado River every day this summer!
Instagram: @wallacehynds
Anthony Fernandez
Anthony Fernandez
Anthony moved to Grand County in 2014 after serving in the U.S. Army. He is very passionate about getting fellow veterans out to the river and ‘hooking’ beginners into this amazing hobby. Anthony believes fly-fishing is a great way to disconnect from the ever-busy world we live in. “Being on the river and fly fishing is a great way to clear your mind and enjoy all the exhilarating, humbling and joyful ways this sport can stretch us as humans.”
Dennis Hardie
Dennis is a Colorado native who has been chasing fish for as long as he can remember. He grew up netting fish for his dad in the high mountain lakes of Colorado and caught the fishing bug himself just after college. Fishing is his yoga and he loves nothing more than to get folks out on the water to enjoy the outdoors and escape the busy side of life.

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