Our Team

Winter Park Flyfisher employs an all-star team of local fishing aficionados. Our team of area residents shares a passion for the interesting and dynamic sport of fly fishing on our engaging fishing charters in Fraser, CO. It’s been said that most of our guides even eat and breath fly fishing!

Our Local Guides

We’re proud to employ regional fishing experts. Here are just some of the members of our dynamic team:

  • Jeff Ehlert
    The owner of Winter Park Flyfisher, Jeff Ehlert, is an experienced and accomplished sportsman. A Montana native and having lived in Colorado since 1989, Jeff boasts an extensive knowledge of alpine fishing, particularly in the Rocky Mountains. Jeff owned and operated a seasonal fly shop up until November of 2015, when he found this perfect new location and decided to give up ski patrolling in the winters to stay open year-round. Jeff enjoys fishing because it allows him to connect with friends and nature, and disconnect from daily distractions. Admittedly, running the businesses doesn’t give him as much time with a rod in his hands as he’d like, but the next best thing is hearing his clients holler “fish on!”
  • Zach Ware
    Zach Ware hails from the scenic, sunny waters of Florida, where he’s been fishing since the age of 12. Zach enjoys fishing because it allows him to consistently engage with local wildlife and experience nature in new and exciting ways. Zach enjoys the challenge of fishing, and loves to share his passion with others.
  • Dave Parri
    Dave Parri grew up in the forests of Pennsylvania. An accomplished outdoorsman, Dave carried a rifle or a fishing pole throughout much of his life. Dave is familiar with the streams, woods, and mountains that define Colorado, and offers an exciting chance to engage with the Rocky Mountains.
  • John Schutz
    John grew up in Northwest Indiana with the love for the outdoors. He eventually moved here to Colorado in 2000 with a passion for backcountry skiing. During these excursions, camping usually happened next to rivers where he eventually picked up one of his buddy’s flyrods and fell in love with fishing! Before becoming a flyfishing guide, John was in the whitewater industry for 15 years which has extremely broadened his horizons with knowledge of the river. He has an interesting sense of humor and is always ready to hear a new joke! 
  • Riley Strickland
    Fishing has been one of Riley’s passions since he was a little kid. To him, it is his escape from everyday life. He enjoys the adrenaline rush and beauty of hunting wild fish in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. He claims “getting clients on fish and watching their joy is just as if not more exciting than catching trout himself.”
  • Mike Miller
    Clearly by the photo Mike has a good sense of humor. He grew up on a dairy farm in Ohio, but spent his summers fly fishing in the Wind River Valley of Wyoming since a young age. To get through until the next trip west, his time would be spent popper fishing for bass on their family pond. Mike moved to Colorado in 2005 and has spent the time since getting to know the waters of Grand County and many other areas across the state.
  • Mike Branson
    Mike grew up in Reno, NV where he spent his time fishing and exploring in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. When he picked up a fly rod and stepped into the river for the first time he was instantly hooked. Guiding for him is about providing the whole experience. He loves sharing his passion with clients, showing them beautiful sections of the river, witnessing wildlife, and getting them on fish. He always looks forward to his next day on the water.
  • Travis Wagner
    A Colorado native with a passion for fly fishing.  Travis was introduced to a fly rod at a young age by family in Montana during a full moon caddis hatch on the little Blackfoot! Spent years fishing the Gunnison Valley and is always looking for the next adventure on the water.
  • Josh Frank
    A native North Dakotan, Josh grew up fishing and camping in “The Land of 10,000 Lakes” right next door.  Josh made the move out west to Grand County, Colorado in 1998 and has been here ever since. His passion for fly fishing evolved into guiding, sharing the knowledge he gained while fishing with a few local “Old-Timers” in the area.  “It’s always fun to see people connect with fish, especially if it’s their first experience… it brings a smile to my face.”
  • Hal Spears
    Hal is from Texas, where he has been fishing since he was 2 years old. He has fished in four different countries and enjoys fishing both salt and freshwater. He has fished semi-professional bass tournaments since the age of 13. He enjoys sharing his passion for fishing and loves teaching the sport as well.
  • Jordan Ehlert
    Growing up with a dad as a seasoned guide and fly shop owner, you learn a thing or two about fly fishing. Although Jordan fished on family camping/fishing trips, it was in high school that he fell hard for the sport. After working at the fly shop, you’ll often see him hitting the banks of the Fraser River behind the shop, getting a few casts in before dark.
  • Brett Macalady
    First embracing fishing as a sport in high school, Brett Macalady is well-versed in traipsing through the forested alpine environments of the High Rockies. Brett enjoys the placid, calming nature of fishing as an experience.
  • Eric Pietz
    Eric Pietz is an accomplished guide and knowledgeable outdoorsman. He has worked for nearly every outfitter in the Rocky Mountains providing first-rate fishing experiences in and around Fraser, CO for guests and locals alike.
  • Ron Yoshimura
    A Colorado native, Ron Yoshimura enjoys the active nature of fishing. Ron grew up fishing many of the rivers he now guides trips and expeditions on, including the Fraser River and the Grey Reef Section of the North Platte River.

Schedule a Guided Fishing Expedition

If you would like one of our knowledgeable local guides to join you on your next fishing trip, reach out to Winter Park Flyfisher today at 970-726-5231. We are proud to offer a wide range of fishing experiences suited for sports enthusiasts of all levels of expertise.