Terrestrial Season Is Here: Time for Hoppers, Ants and Beetles for Fly Fishing in Fraser, CO

June 22, 2018

As insects, a.k.a. terrestrials, make erratic movements to get from water to shore, they attract attention from fish. Those that aren’t quick enough become dinner. Successful fishermen emulate this behavior to create productive fishing excursions. If you plan to attempt fly fishing in Fraser, CO this season, be sure to include terrestrial flies in your box.

Keep in mind that it’s important to not only have the best equipment, but to also know how to use it. Once you arm yourself with the top-quality equipment from your fishing store in Fraser, CO, learn how to best utilize this gear. Your local experts can offer tips for the best results. To get started, familiarize yourself with some of the most popular terrestrials:

  • Hippy stomper: This is available in red, purple, pink, black and royal. Its pattern resembles that of a beetle. It offers a buggy impression that appears to be irresistible to fish. It also offers great visibility.
  • Foamulator purple: This great floater can support tungsten droppers. It can also be used alone as a hopper or stone.
  • Charlie boy hopper: This is the go-to standard for fly fishing in Fraser, CO for those who want an unsinkable hopper. It’s very effective and comes in green for an early season option.
  • Amy’s ant: This foam attractor is a confident fly frequently used in Yellowstone.
  • Morpho flying ant: Trout love ants, and this new pattern is proving to be a great success.
  • Chubby’s: This fly is available in seven flavors and multiple sizes. It supports droppers well and offers great visibility and effectiveness.
  • Yeager’s 409 black: This beetle is easy to see in broken water and offers a great option for pocket water.
  • Morrish hopper: This hopper pattern doesn’t require a floatant. It is a simple and productive option that can be easily twitched on the surface due to its flexible rubber legs.
  • Foam beetles: These terrestrials remain on top of the water with little effort. The foam body makes it easy to use and makes it a top producer.
  • Crickets: Use these after significant rainfall. For the best results, use them in a dead drift. Despite their natural pattern of dawn and dusk activity, they can snag fish throughout the day.
  • Periodic cicada: Sporting a black foam pattern and flowing red eyes, this terrestrial is highly visible. It also offers multi-colored legs and flashy wing material.
  • Non-specifics: Some of the most effective flies are not specific to any one terrestrial. For whatever reason, these imitation flies attract fish well. They masquerade as something between an attractor and a terrestrial, and fish love them.

Don’t hit the riverbanks without the proper terrestrials for the season. Stop in to a fishing store in Fraser, CO for top-quality terrestrials to enhance your fishing experience. For productive fly fishing in Fraser, CO, visit Winter Park Flyfisher. Pick up the best terrestrials on the market and receive superior service from our knowledgeable staff. Stop in today or contact us with any questions. We look forward to hearing about your next big catch!

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