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What Does An Above Average Snow Pack Mean for Our Rivers?

April 25, 2024

With an above average snow pack this year, we are looking for another good flushing of our rivers and streams. The fishing has been good to great the past weeks and should remain good in the short term as runoff shouldn’t start for a while. We are expecting a pre-runoff which occurs when the low-lying snow in our valleys rapidly melts and causes some short-term staining of our waters. This is usually just a couple of days, and you can retreat to our many tailwaters in Grand County to find clear water and feeding trout. The main run-off will probably... View Article

Winter Flyfishing in Grand County

March 23, 2021

Written by & photo courtesy of Winter Park Flyfisher Guide, Riley Strickland Are you planning on skiing or snowboarding at Winter Park Resort this winter? If you are, then you should consider packing along the fly rod with the boards and skis. Did you know you can fly fish year round in Grand County? As a matter of fact, my favorite kind of day is hooking up on a few fish in the a.m. and then hitting some tree runs on the Jane side in the afternoon. All in one day! If you haven’t fished in the winter, then you... View Article

Fall Fishing in Grand County

September 30, 2019

The colors are popping, the temperatures are dropping, and the fish are still very hungry. Fall fishing in Grand County is my favorite time of the year to fish. Let me tell you why. Fewer crowds: Mud season is here with the month of October. Kids have gone back to school, and businesses have slowed down. (It’s a great time of the year to go catch a movie, go bowling, and dine out as well.) This is the quietest month of the year which also means the rivers are usually dead, and the fish are less pressured. This obviously means... View Article

How to Prepare for Fly Fishing in Colorado This Fall

August 15, 2019

Some people believe that spring and summer are the best time to fish and like to take advantage of the warmer weather. But they’re missing out on great fishing during the fall months. Cool mornings and warmer afternoons are ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities—and rest assured that the fish will still be biting well into this season. When you’re gearing up for float fishing in Fraser, CO this autumn, trust Winter Park Flyfisher. We’re here with all leading brands plus everything you need to have the fishing trip of a lifetime. Let’s go through the following checklist to... View Article

Fly Fishing Terrestrials in the Midsummer Months

June 15, 2019

Every fly fisher wants to be there for a hatch of insects like the salmon fly or green drake. This is when fish come out and bite pretty much everything in their path. It makes things easier when the fish seem to go for anything indiscriminately—including your bait. But timing these hatches is tricky. That’s why many fishers have turned to using terrestrials for bait instead. These are especially handy for midsummer flyfishing in Fraser, CO. Read on to learn more about the wide variety of available options. Unhatches Unhatches include the significant abundance of other species that line the... View Article

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