How to Prepare for Fly Fishing in Colorado This Fall

August 15, 2019

Some people believe that spring and summer are the best time to fish and like to take advantage of the warmer weather. But they’re missing out on great fishing during the fall months. Cool mornings and warmer afternoons are ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities—and rest assured that the fish will still be biting well into this season.

When you’re gearing up for float fishing in Fraser, CO this autumn, trust Winter Park Flyfisher. We’re here with all leading brands plus everything you need to have the fishing trip of a lifetime. Let’s go through the following checklist to make sure you’re well prepared for fishing this fall:

  • Understanding hibernation: Trout are looking for a big meal to fatten up before the winter. The raging rivers of the spring have given way to slow and clear flows. The sediment has been washed away, but don’t let that fool you—fishing during this period is still enjoyably challenging.
  • Getting the inside track: Fish are going to be hesitant to bite during this season. That means you need some inside information on how the fall is shaping up. This is when it’s a good idea to talk to experts on fly fishing who can give you the lowdown on what’s hatching around the rivers this season. Our team at Winter Park Flyfisher will know exactly what you need to haul in a big catch.
  • Stocking up on the right gear: Every angler knows that it’s a good idea to be as prepared as possible, with as much gear as may be needed to get the job done. This starts with a good-sized rod for the river conditions. You’ll also want a sturdy pair of waders if you’re planning to spend most of the day in the water. The weather is highly variable during the autumn, with chilly temperatures early on, then blistering heat in the afternoon. Having a variety of clothing options available will pay off.
  • Taking precautions: One thing you want to avoid while the streams and rivers are clear is disturbing the fish when you enter the body of water. This is where camouflaging as much as possible is a good approach, just like a hunter would. You also want to practice using controlled movements that won’t spook the fish when you go from one place to another.

Whatever you’re looking for—from tips to information about fishing etiquette in Fraser, CO—Winter Park Flyfisher is the place to find what you need. Winter Park Flyfisher has been the best Patagonia store to visit in the Winter Park-Fraser area of Colorado since 2007.

With our decades of combined fishing experience, we use our expertise to ensure your fishing trip in Grand County is one that makes for a fond, lifelong memory. Trust our team of experts to provide you with the best guidance and equipment around. Don’t miss out on our sales! Stop by or call in to schedule a guided trip—we look forward to seeing you soon!

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