Fly Fishing Terrestrials in the Midsummer Months

June 15, 2019

Every fly fisher wants to be there for a hatch of insects like the salmon fly or green drake. This is when fish come out and bite pretty much everything in their path. It makes things easier when the fish seem to go for anything indiscriminately—including your bait.

But timing these hatches is tricky. That’s why many fishers have turned to using terrestrials for bait instead. These are especially handy for midsummer flyfishing in Fraser, CO. Read on to learn more about the wide variety of available options.


Unhatches include the significant abundance of other species that line the floors of rivers and lakes. Everything from crustaceans to grasshoppers to scuds is fair game and could be a meal for a fish. These species are what a trout eats when other species aren’t around.

Scuds, earthworms and more

When using scuds, it’s helpful to keep a variety of scuds with you. Mixing up different colors and sizes could attract different fish. Earthworms are also an abundantly found source for trout. There are 200 species of worms in North America alone. Again, using a variety of shapes and colors is a smart idea. If one isn’t working, you can move over to the next one. Leeches are another effective terrestrial bait.

Ants and grasshoppers

A perhaps surprising bait is the humble ant. These are prolific, roaming creatures that often end up in the water and, therefore, in a fish’s belly. Some are winged species that take flight in enormous swarms, only to be swallowed up. They can be effective bait, as they naturally may remain stationary on the surface of the water.

Grasshoppers are particularly abundant during the midsummer months from July to September. Their population varies widely depending on the year, but they are prolific in Western streams. Getting bait that uses a natural profile and low hopping mechanism is the best move to replicate what occurs in nature.

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