How to Set Up a Fishing Reel and Fly Rod

October 11, 2018

There are few things more satisfying than pulling up a rod and catching a beautiful, striking fish. Colorado is rich with waterways abundant in fish that are aesthetically pleasing, which makes the Rocky Mountain State one of the world’s premier fishing destinations.

Fly fishing is one of the most popular types of fishing in Colorado. Even if you’ve never been fly fishing in the past, you can still try your hand at this exciting, enthralling sport. Visiting a fly shop in Fraser, CO is a great way to learn more about the art of fly fishing.

As opposed to conventional fishing methods, fly fishing in Fraser, CO requires a little bit more setup. The experience of fly fishing, however, is always exceptionally rewarding and interesting. If you’ve never set up a fly rod in the past, here are a few simple steps to help you get your fishing reel and rod ready to hit the rivers:

· Put backing on: First, you’ll simply need to put backing on and secure the line. If you’re having trouble doing this, reach out to an expert at a fly shop in Fraser, CO.

· Fill the reel: Once the line is securely tied to the arbor using an arbor knot, you’ll need to fill the reel with the line. Leave the spool of line on the ground, and manipulate the handle of the reel to slowly and carefully load the line. Be sure to avoid any kind of knotting, as this may prevent the line from unspooling properly.

· Position the reel: After loading the line, position the reel onto the reel seat. Once you identify the reel mount on your rod, slide the reel into the seat, and then secure it with a screw.

· Follow the line guides: Using the line guides along the reel, slowly position the line up the length of the rod. Once the line extends out of the edge of the line, close the bail arm on your reel.

Since 1995, Winter Park Flyfisher has been a premier fly shop in Fraser, CO. We’re proud to provide our customers with high-quality fly fishing equipment and advice that helps them achieve their fly fishing dreams. To learn more about our sizable selection of fly fishing equipment, contact one of our friendly and exceptionally knowledgeable representatives today.

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