Why You Should Be Using a Tenkara Rod for Winter Fly Fishing in Fraser, CO

November 5, 2018

Would you love to continue your favorite pastime throughout the year, but struggle with winter conditions? Ice can wreak havoc on even the best fisherman’s plans. To thrive in the winter, fishermen must look to equipment made for winter fly fishing in Fraser, CO.

Tenkara rods are the perfect solution. Why? Their design makes them ideal for winter use. They can help protect your hands from frigid temperatures and make your fishing maneuvers easier. Here’s the scoop.

Guide-Free Fishing

What usually happens to your guides in freezing temperatures? It’s inevitable. Your wet fly line slides through the guides. Water transfers to the guides. Before long, you have an icy crust and equipment that is fully caked with crystals. This leads to sticking lines and poor casting. You spend more time cleaning and treating the guide than you do catching fish.

Fortunately, Tenkara rods don’t have this problem when used for winter fly fishing in Fraser, CO. Tenkara rods use a fixed line that is attached to the top of the rod. There are no guides, so ice has nothing to collect on, and your fishing expedition is much smoother and simpler.

Reel-Free Fishing

Picture this: You’re ready to move downriver. You want to spool up your line. As you start this process, you realize your reel has frozen. Or, even worse, imagine if you miss out on your dream steelhead because this sizable catch got away when your reel was too cold to operate quickly.

Frozen reels can ruin your fishing outing. Tenkara rods don’t suffer from this problem. They have no reels.

Hands-Free Fishing

Okay, it’s not really hands-free, but it’s close! Cold winter fishing trips can be harsh on the hands. Trying to maneuver your equipment and make detailed fly line movements while wearing gloves is nearly impossible. Even fishing gloves can make things difficult. Frozen fingers often make fishermen cut their days short or enjoy less success.

To operate Tenkara rods, you only need one hand. Cast and retrieve with one hand while you keep the other warm, then switch. There’s also no line to strip, so wearing gloves isn’t an issue. Go ahead and bundle up with bulky gloves that will allow you to stay riverside longer.

Worry-Free Fishing

Are you wondering where you can get Tenkara rods at an affordable price? Are you also wondering how you will learn to use this type of rod? If you’d like to enjoy winter fly fishing in Fraser, CO, simply partner with your local fishing store. The experts here can help you choose the best gear for your needs, explain how to use it and even take you on a guided fishing trip. It’s that easy!

Catch More This Winter

Are you ready to master winter fly fishing in Fraser, CO? For a complete supply of fishing gear and alpine clothing, head to Winter Park Flyfisher. With more than 30 years of fishing experience, we provide customers with the best quality products and services available. We also offer guided trips with incredible scenery. Reach out to our friendly staff today!

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