Why the Fraser River is Great for Your Next Fly Fishing Trip

February 21, 2019

A lot of good fishing comes from knowing the right spot to “set up shop” and spend some time on the water. And with so many great waterways throughout the state of Colorado, it can be tough to decide which one is worth the time investment. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, a great choice for a fishing trip is the Fraser River. Though it’s bordered a lot by private lands, it boasts several great public access points.

If you’re hoping to try a new spot for fly fishing in Fraser, CO and the surrounding areas, read on to see why the Fraser River could be the best possible option:

  • Basic information: The Fraser River is a tributary off of the Colorado River, and is mostly flat with a few riffles, runs and tailouts that connect to deeper pools. The river generally provides for easy wading, and holds a variety of wild fish.
  • More on the fish: Though it’s a smaller river, the Fraser River has a lot of wildlife. The fish are generally between 12 and 15 inches, but some can get as big as 20 inches. The species include rainbow, brown, brook, and cutthroat trout. The fall is arguably the best time to fish on the river, as the fish are more active and responsive. Spring and summers are good too.
  • Kids’ fishing: If you want a young one to develop your love for fishing, it’s important to get them out on the water often. Grand County offers lots of great kids’ fishing points to check out, including the area of Fraser River near the Fraser River Trail, Cozen’s Open Space Ponds, and the Lion’s Clubs’ Ponds.
  • Regulations: It’s always good to know about the local regulations before you begin fishing. At the Fraser River, the regulations change depending on where you fish. For example, in the areas between the Headwaters to Safeway, you’ll need to release all rainbow trout, whereas in the area surrounding Fraser Canyon-South you have a two-trout limit for your catches. On top of the individual regulations, make sure to always follow general Colorado State Fishing Regulations no matter where you are. Finally, since much of the river is bordered by private property, you should make sure to respect that property while you’re out on the water.

With all the regulations surrounding the Fraser River fishing area in Fraser, CO, it’s often best to set up a guided fishing trip—especially because of the private areas. The perfect company to work with is Winter Park Flyfisher, which has helped locals and visitors to the area for more than a decade.

Over our years in business, Winter Park Flyfisher has built a quality team that boasts more than 40 years of experience in the fishing industry. We can help you find the best gear for your needs, as well as set you up for a great fishing experience on the Fraser River or another local waterway. Call or stop by today for more information—we look forward to working with you soon!

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