Getting Ready for Fishing Season

March 14, 2019

There’s not much better in this life than spending a relaxing day on the river fishing alone or with friends and family. To get to that picture-perfect moment, though, you do need to prepare a bit by making sure you have all the gear you need to catch some big ones.

Before you set out to go fly fishing in Fraser, CO, make sure to check the list below to ensure you have everything you need in your kit. It’s never fun to be out on the water and realize you forgot a key piece of gear:

  • Fishing rods and wheels: The most obvious items you’ll need to fish are a good rod and wheel. There is a stunning array of options for rods in terms of length, material and weight, and you would benefit from talking to a fishing equipment expert before you make a purchase, especially as rods can be expensive. Of course, you also just want the rod to feel good in your hands, so make sure you take your own feelings into account as well. In terms of wheels, these vary mainly in terms of weight and the amount of line they hold. Wheels have the ability to last forever if you take good care of them, so you might want to pick one with a higher price to make sure you’re investing in quality.
  • Line, leaders and tippets: On top of a great rod and wheel, you’ll need quality fly fishing line and leaders and tippets. Your line should be somewhat heavy, with enough weight to cut through any tough weather conditions but not enough to sink in the river. You’ll also want to find leaders and tippets that are easy to attach and that offer a high level of performance. Again, it counts to talk to a professional to see which brands are right for the type of fly fishing you’re interested in.
  • Fly boxes:Clearly, any fly fisher needs a great box of flies to lure in those fish. Try to get a variety of flies and lures in your kit so you have something ready for any situation on the water.
  • Strike indicators:To know when to reel a catch in, you need to be able to see when you get a bite. Make sure to choose floatants that are brightly colored and float well so you can spot a bite from far away.

You’ll definitely want to purchase everything listed above and more if you’re in the process of setting up your fly fishing gear in Fraser, CO. To make sure your purchases count, you’ll want to visit the best fishing store in the area: Winter Park Flyfisher. Our staff have over 40 years of fishing experience on their side, and can talk you through any gear purchases to set you up for a successful fishing season.

Since 2007, Winter Park Flyfisher has been the premier Patagonia store in the region. On top of selling equipment, we also run guided trips. Stop by to learn more!

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