What’s the Best Bait for Fly Fishing?

April 16, 2019

Every fisherman knows that skill and luck are only two parts of a complex equation for reeling in a keeper. There are so many variables you can’t control, like weather, stream conditions, the presence of fish in the area and more. That said, there are some variables you can control—namely, what type of fly you’re using.

The right fishing gear in Fraser, CO goes a long way toward helping you capitalize on every opportunity to reel in a trophy catch. So, what exactly should you be looking for when it comes time to dig around in your tackle box? It really depends on what you’re fishing for! However, there are some tried and true flies any angler should have on hand. Here are a few:

  • Nothing beats live bait, no matter the type. Crickets, grasshoppers, worms and more are all winners—especially if they’re freshly caught. These critters will wiggle and squirm with unmatched authenticity, tricking fish into thinking they’re getting a free meal. If you’re going for big-time fish, even frogs or smaller fish are suitable for live bait.
  • A favorite of beginners and seasoned anglers alike, fuzzy grub jigs are tried and true. These flies are available in all different sizes and shapes, with different features that give you more than a few options for filling out your tackle box. When in doubt, a fuzzy grub lure is the way to cast!
  • Faux minnow lures are also popular across the spectrum of fly fishing in Fraser, CO. The contour of these flies makes them dart around the water in a way that’s undeniably attractive to fish, so they can’t help but try to chase them down! Most minnow lures also have reflective “scales” to help with authenticity.
  • Whether you call it a spoon fly or a curved jig, this incredibly simple piece of tackle deserves a place among your fly fishing favorites. The combination of shine, propulsion movement and general size of the fly makes it a perfect sub-in for just about any fly fishing expedition. And, because it comes in a variety of sizes, it’s advisable to have a couple on hand.
  • You’re bound to have luck with gel critter flies, but they’re far from resilient and you might lose more than you catch with these. That said, the rubberized body of these flies gives them a more responsive action when you jiggle the line. Fish are quick to snap these up because they’re also molded to look exactly like various bugs.

Every angler has his own range of favorite flies and jigs, and you may even choose to customize one of these popular options. Over time, based on where you’re fishing and what your technique is, you’re likely to discover that some flies work better for you than others.

Pay attention to what’s getting bites and explore similar options in the same category to get a feel for what might work best. It won’t take you long to develop an affinity for one or two specific types of flies!

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