What to Bring Fly Fishing in Colorado

July 15, 2019

If you’re planning on embarking on an exciting fly fishing trip on one of Colorado’s scenic, rushing riverways this summer season, it’s important that you ensure that you have everything you need to stay safe and make the most of your trip. You’ll need to bring quite a bit of gear with you to catch some fish, and you’ll need to carry several supplies to keep yourself comfortable and safe.

The weather in Colorado can change on a dime, so you’ll have to bring layered clothing and a spare outfit in case you end up getting too wet. Additionally, you’ll need to carry extra fly gear in case something goes wrong with your setup.

It isn’t always easy to prepare for a trip going fly fishing in Fraser, CO. If you’re struggling to find everything that you need to have an enjoyable, worthwhile trip, consider reaching out to your local fly fishing shop. They can help outfit you with any pieces that your bag is currently missing.

Here are just some of the supplies that you’ll have to pack when you embark on a fly fishing journey in Colorado:

  • Layered, waterproof clothing: You should plan to have clothing on hand for any weather event, including hot, bright sunshine, thunderstorms and a sudden chill. Even on the warmest summer days, carry a waterproof raincoat with you to protect yourself from rapid spray.
  • Fishing vest or pack: You should keep all of your flies, lines and other assorted pieces of gear on hand at all times. Whether you prefer a pack or a vest is largely a matter of personal preference.
  • Rod and reel: You won’t get very far fly fishing without a rod and reel! If you have an extra rod or reel, you may want to consider carrying them with you, in case something goes wrong with your original setup. You’ll also need a line, leader and tippet.
  • Flies: The staff at your local fly shop can help you determine which types of flies are most appropriate for the river you’re fishing in. Salmon flies in Fraser, CO, for instance, are usually a good bet.
  • Water and first aid gear: Even though you’re surrounded by water while fly fishing, you may still forget to drink as much as you should. Make sure to pack enough water to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Additionally, bring a first aid kit to help you address any potential injuries that may occur.
  • Camera: Without a camera, that monstrous trout that you catch is nothing but a fish tale. Make sure that you bring a camera or smartphone with you so you can document your catch and take a few photos of the famous Colorado sunset.

Winter Park Flyfisher has been a trusted provider of trout flies in Fraser, CO since 2004. We’re a full-service fly shop offering everything you need to enjoy your time out on one of Colorado’s scenic rivers. Contact us today to learn more about our fully stocked inventory of fly fishing equipment.

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