10 Tips for More Successful Fly Fishing

October 14, 2019

Few hobbies combine the thrill of sportsmanship with the serenity of nature in quite the same way as fly fishing. Trout fishing in Fraser, CO requires a little skill, a little patience and a few pointers to truly step up your game.

With that in mind, here are a few essential tips that can help you take your first few steps into the world of fly fishing.

Practice on dry land

Before you hit the stream, take some time to get out in your backyard or a public park to whip that pole around and get your form working.

Do your homework

Know what type of fish are prevalent and what they like to munch on before you head to the river.

Don’t skip the local fishing shop

You know who works at the local fishing shop? Local fishermen. And most of the time, they would absolutely love to offer a few pointers on bagging the area’s most prized quarry.

Think before you wade

Before you just crash on into the water, take a few moments to see where the trout are pooling and which way the current’s running. A few moments of inspection can save you hours of frustration.

High water flies

If you’re fly fishing in deep water, you should consider using larger flies. These attract more attention from trout because they’re easier to find in darker, deeper water.

Avoid the crash

If you find that your fly is constantly smacking into the water, try this: stop your rod tip at eye level just long enough to let your loop roll out. At that point, gently bring your rod tip downward and watch your line sink smoothly into the water.

Work with the wind

There’s no need to fight dangerous crosswinds when you’re casting your line. If you find that the wind is consistently blowing into your casting arm, just turn around. You’ll find that the wind blows the line away from you.

Be patient

In addition to the bounty of fish, trout fishing in Fraser, CO affords stunning views of the surrounding area. If you can’t enjoy the beauty of standing in nature as water rushes by, perhaps fly fishing isn’t the hobby for you.

Fish upstream

Being upstream is the same thing as being “downwind” in hunting. In other words, it offers you the opportunity to sneak up on the trout. Some fishers go so far as to crouch down on their hands and knees while approaching.

Choose your equipment carefully

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